We are the new kids on the block, freshly installed in the Rhône Valley. In fact, we have been working for other wineries in the area since 2011, but the  idea of starting our own winery has now become a reality with 2016 vintage



Our winery is located in Lemps, in the northern Rhône, between Lyon and Avignon. We have vineyards in Saint JosephCornasCollines RhodaniennesCôtes du Rhône Villages Massif d'Uchaux and Sainte Cécile, as well as in Côtes du Rhône


We look forward to guide you through our wines and welcome you on our land.

Nelly, Arnaud, Augustin and Margot.

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Our Pledge

Our pledge is multiple, first towards ourselves for the adventure and the challenges that creating a winery from scratch represents.

Then, towards our children, for whom we want to build tools and jewels they will be proud of.

Finally, towards everyone today and the future generations, for whom we make wines that fully respect the environment, the nature of soils and the ecosystem.

Our Cuisine

Because we truly like and appreciate eating, we cook, we are interested in the nature of what we eat, and even about the History of cuisine. We share with you our recipes, culinary surprises and discoveries, table moments... Check our blog.

And because the temptation of food indulgence was too strong, we made our wines tributes to the 'bons-vivants' of all times.

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