Enterrer les cornes de bouse et déterrer les silices du printemps / Get the cow manure in horns and ground, and get the spring Silice horns out.

For new comers to biodynamics, well that's an experience!! Getting the cow manure horns in the ground, and the spring silice horns out. All this with people in biodynamic, from vineyards, to orchards, to veggies, to olive oil manufacturing - awesome to be surrounded with people in love with what they do for the good reasons, and above all having nature in mind - for real. Talking about what we, do, how we do things or try to, our trials and failures, well what to think is working or not, for vineyards, veggies, olives... what a breath of fresh air! Communicating for real, and well... sharing! Yeay, thanks! 

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